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WWII Stories

Listen to Audio files telling real WWII stories of Axminster residents.

About Axminster

Axminster was a place where evacuees were looked after and American soldiers were stationed. The area is known for the defensive line of pill poxes which formed the Taunton Stop Line and also for the large American Hospital, formerly located at Milwey Rise, in the town.


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Oral History Project

Welcome to the Axminster Remembers Oral History Project. This project has captured people’s memories of life in Axminster during World War Two.

These recordings now form an important and valuable resource for those researching rural life in East Devon during this time. This oral history archive can be accessed at the Devon Heritage Centre in Exeter and at Upottery Heritage Centre.

Axminster’s role in World War Two was particularly significant because it was the southern starting point of the Taunton Stop Line; a World War Two defensive line of pillboxes and anti-tank obstacles, running north to the Somerset coast. Milwey Rise in Axminster was also the location of a United States Army base, which housed the 315th Station hospital before and after the D-Day landings.